Personnel management

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Lead Product Designer
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Scheduling workflow

The Challenge

Imagine setting up a three-week Vegas-style show for Madonna. You need to schedule 150 stage riggers for the first and last three days of the event. On performance days, you'll need dozens of engineers, stagehands, audio, and visual specialists all at different intervals while staying within the union labor requirements. Any miscalculation will impact the event’s success. No pressure, right?

Even overview to provide real time status on scheduling progress

How costs escalate quickly

We had the opportunity to solve a similar personnel management issue for Encore, one of the largest global networks of experts in event design, technology, service, and execution. Encore asked us to create a more efficient scheduler.

Wires for scheduler

You get what you put in

To understand how a scheduler requests a team of technicians, I created this set of wires to show how the system can make a calculated recommendation for the most financially effective plan. However, for this to work successfully, accurate data on everyone’s availability is needed. Otherwise, the scheduler will not work.

An overview of the staff requirements