Agency Experience

My professional career started in advertising. I joined a staffing agency which gave me an opportunity to work at over a dozen companies in Chicago. I designed everything from Thanksgiving coupons; packaging for frozen fish sticks; vehicle wraps for Burger King tailgate parties; flash banners for JP Morgan; emails for Deutsche Bank; walkie talkie ads for Motorola and many more. I learned how to capture ideas and execute them into creative deliverables and empower our clients with transcending stories.

Consulting Experience

Advertising industry can be very rewarding, however I never caught the bug to become the next George Lois. The web seemed a lot more appealing and I was drawn to solving user experience challenges. In 2009 I transitioned into service design to build various B2B products for the Manufacturing, Medical and Financial industries.

Product Experience

In 2017, I got an opportunity to lead the design efforts for Lean Power, a platform for digital work management and execution. Currently I am a lead product designer at ServiceBridge, helping Field Management companies and Franchises to organize and grow their business.